Barbara is a fictional character in the television series,Outnumbered, She is the Brockmans' next door neighbour, and is portrayed by Lorraine Pilkington.


Barbara is the Brockman's next door neighbour. She seems to lead a perfect life with children who go to private school and who play exceptionally unusual instruments. The family are always having fund-raising events. This starts Sue wondering why her children cannot live at the same standard as Barbara's kids and becomes gradually more jealous of them.

However, we discover later on that life is not quite so perfect for Barbara after all - she has a number of loud rows with her husband which keeps the whole neighbourhood awake. The next day the police arrive and tell the Brockman family the unusual news; it turns out that she hit him over the head with a frying pan (even though he stated that it sounded all "Tom and Jerry").


  • We do not know what happens to Barbara after the incident.
  • She is introduced in Series 2.
  • In Series 4 she could have moved as the Brockmans' nextdoor neighbor are said to be the Pattinsons'. Unless Barbara's surname was Pattinson