Brick Bollinger is Angela's pompous, outgoing and arrogantly optimistic husband in series 3+4 but turns out to be a very dangerous man.

He first appears as Angela's new husband, with several children. In his first appearance, he brings his youngest daughter, Taylor-Jean, with him. He constantly berates and harasses Pete, constantly calling him Hugh Grant. It is obvious that the only reason Angela took Brick with her back to Britain was for leverage to encourage jealousy in her sister. He is incredibly confident, and his pathetic philosophies leave all of the Brockmans speechless...except for Karen, who responds defensively when he calls her sweetheart. Pete points out that Brick's methods are highly unlikely to work on Karen, and Brick mutters that she has a lot of defenses. It is revealed that he is a sex-addiction therapist, and Angela tries to use this to mock Pete. But, however, Brick is shown to be paedophilic and expresses, covertly, to Pete that, as men, it is within their right to nail as many women as they can. However, after calling him Hugh Grant one time too many, Pete violently threatens to shove Brick's Platinum Visa card right up his backside, which triggers Taylor-Jean's emotional distress that she wants her real mom, not Angela. It also sets off a massive brawl between Brick and Pete, which is very narrowly defused by Sue and Angela. Later in the series, Brick is revealed to be abusive and sadistic, as he bullies his female children, locking them in dark rooms for many hours and intimidating them. He then threatens to prosecute Sue and Pete if they don't hand Angela and Misty over to him. In the end, for some reason, Angela remarries Brick.