Outnumbered episode 0305 - Copy

Brick was the mad husband of Angela Morrison (and two before). He lived in Phoenix with Angela with their five children and he cheated on his wives. He début in The Restaurant Series 3. Later he was trying to get Misty and Angelia back to America. Misty said that he used to keep her up in her room for hours while Angela described him as a monster.

Brick also made a speech in the episode called The Restaurant in Series 3. Jake Brockman and Peter Brockman had a bet about if Brick had a ponytail and if he said he phrase "low self-asteem issues."

Brick had 5 kids. Angela is his 3rd wife and not his last. Brick turns into a very dangerous man that can ruin peoples lives.

His children are as followed:

Taylor-Jean (once escaped to New Mexico), Misty (Anorexic, suffered from child abuse), June (over-weight).