Comic Relief Special
Season 2, Episode n/a
Air date 13 March 2009
Written by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

Directed by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

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The Long Night
Christmas Special

In the programme, the Brockmans are all doing something.

Karen and Ben pay one pound, Karen's choice is not approved, and Ben is having trouble. Jake's school has sponsored and Pete's workplace has a ja. Sue on the other hand is trying to impress the others by being. After Pete impressed the children with the Morec, Sue fails to make the kids. she tells it badly.

Karen isquite surprising. Later in the day the Brockmans returnand Sue is still attempting to make Jake. Pete says that it was his best day at school as the headmaster was kidnapped. The Brockman's then discuss the 91 pictures. Sue, falls over the dishwasher, something which said was impossible, but on the other hand it was the only thing that made Jake

thumb|right|300px|Karen shows her mother her picture of Barack Obama (with wings).

thumb|300px|right|Pete tries to explain to Karen what is wrong with her method of asking people at the old people's home for Comic Relief donations.