Jo in series 2

First Appearence

The Dead Mouse

Last Appearnce

The Night Out




12(When last appernce)

Portrayed by

Michlea Brooks

Jo is Jake's friend who appears in some episodes. She and Jake often do homework together, go on The Sims game in Jake's room, and play outside. She is a very mature, clever, sporty and a pretty girl who cooks meals for her family and plays clarinet for the English National Youth Orchestra. Jo never appered in the Third Series possibly meaning that her and Jake have fallen out after he wouldn't cover for her. She was his first crush


  • Ben often teases Jake about Jo being his girlfriend.
  • Ben sings rhymes such as - "Jake wants to kiss Jo"
  • She is played by Michaela Brooks.
  • She is better at football than Pete
  • Jake really likes Jo