Outnumbered Series 2
BBCDVD2989-385 - Copy
Original Run 15th November 2008 - 27th December 2008
Num of episodes 7
Series: 1, 2, 3, 4

The second series of Outnumbered originally aired on BBC One from 15 November 2008 to 27 December 2008.

New characters in the second series include Barbara (Lorraine Pilkington), the next door neighbour who is better at raising her children and always highlights Sue's problems, and Jo, a female friend of Jake's, played by Michaela Brooks. Pete and Sue are suspicious that Jo may actually be Jake's girlfriend, although there is no evidence to suggest that Jake and Jo are more than friends.

Angela appears less prominently in the second series than in the first, although she still appears in the first episode. Sue's demanding boss, unseen character Veronica, is replaced by another unseen character, Sue's new boss Tyson, who Pete is suspicious of. It is revealed in the final episode of Series 2 that Tyson was a conman.

Outnumbered Series Two is the second DVD produced by the BBC. It was released on the 16th November 2009 and it runs for 173 minutes. It contains all the episodes from series two. There are two discs. The first one contains the first set of episodes: The Wedding, The Dead Mouse, The Old-Fashioned Sunday, The Airport, and there is also a second disc which contains the second half of the episodes: The Night Out, The Football Match and The Long Night. Also on disc two it contains all the Extras: The Comic Relief Episode, Out-Takes, Extended Scenes and Deleted Scenes.

Episode ListEdit

# Title Original airdate # Episode
1 "The Wedding" 15 November 2008 1
2 "The Dead Mouse" 22 November 2008 2
3 "The Old-Fashioned Sunday" 29 November 2008 3
4 "The Airport" 6 December 2008 4
5 "The Night Out" 13 December 2008 5
6 "The Football Match" 20 December 2008 6
7 "The Long Night" 27 December 2008 7