Series 3
Original Run 8 April - 20 May 2010
Num of episodes 6
Series: 1, 2, 3, 4

The third series has been filmed and started on Thursday 8th April 2010 at 9:30pm - 10:00pm on BBC One. It finished on the 20th May 2010.It will be released on DVD on 15 November 2010.

Series 3 introduces Pete's mother Sandra, who has a problem, in the first two episodes. Another new recurring character throughout the series is Kelly (Anna Skellern), a young woman who lives nearby who Jake has a crush on. Auntie Angela also returns for one episode. Grandad, Barbara and Jo all fail to make reappearances, and the same can be said for recurring character Jane (who has previously appeared in one episode of each series and the Christmas special), however, she was mentioned discretelty in episode 2 when Jake says "Jane" is on the phone, and has to tell Pete "not annoying Jane" before he would take the call. This series averaged 4.99 million viewers. The series finale aired on 20 May 2010. No episode was broadcast on Thursday 29 April due to the Prime Ministerial Debate on BBC1.

Outnumbered Series 3 is the third series DVD produced by the BBC. It was released on the 15th November 2010 and it runs for 173 minutes. It contains all the episodes from series three. There is one disc. The layout of the DVD menu, is different from the previous ones. It is set on the family fridge and consists of sticky notes, calendars and bits of paper with photos on. There are several extras including interviews, video diaries and documentaries. The DVD also includes the Sport Relief Special.

Episode ListEdit

# Title Original airdate # Episode
1 "The Family Outing" 8 April 2010 1
2 "The Internet" 15 April 2010 2
3 "The Tennis Match" 22 April 2010 3
4 "The Pigeon" 6 May 2010 4
5 "The Restaurant" 13 May 2010 5
6 "The Hospital" 20 May 2010 6