The Hospital
Season 3, Episode 6
Air date Thu 20th May 2010
Written by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

Directed by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

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Pete and Sue struggle to put things right between them, but Karen is unimpressed by their behaviour. She is worried by her vital role in the school concert, while Ben is busy recreating the assault on Everest on the stairs. But on the way to her rehearsal, Karen gets knocked over by a car and is rushed to hospital.

So Jake and Ben stay at home being baby sitted by Kelly. Howard, the speed bump campaigner makes another appearance but this time is insulted and shouted at by Pete. While having a wrestling fight, Ben tells Jake to wrestle Kelly. In the argument Jake accidently admits he fancies Kelly, and runs upstairs in embarrassment.

Meanwhile at the Hospital, Sue and Pete make up and Karen is served by the Nurse (also seen in Series Two Episode Seven - The Long Night.) She comes out and is fine.

thumb|300px|right|Kelly babysits Jake and Ben and Jake finds out that she's studying child psychology