The Parents Evening
Season 4, Episode 4
Air date 23 September 2011
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The Parents Evening or Ben's Parents Evening is the fourth episode of the fourth series which was first broadcast on 23 September 2011.

Synopsis Edit

There is a lot to discuss at Ben's parents' evening including muggers, dangerous chemicals and re-enactments of the Great Plague. Mum is still suspicious Jake is hiding something and Karen decides which of the world's great religions to lead.

Plot Edit

Jake and Ben argue about the origins of the universe and the news. Karen is worried by the terrorists threats she heard on the news and keeps on asking what's worse serious or severe. Sue tells her that when she was a child the Irish were the ones to look out for. Karen gets shocked in attempt Sue says Karen is more likely to get struck by lightning which doesn't help the situation. When Pete comes in from work he isn't happy that Ben has been mugged twice since starting secondary school. Soon Pete confronts Ben, he says that he got of lightly as he didn't have his mobile phone so they only took his geometry kit. He then explains Ibrahim had been mugged 5 times same place, same boys. Ben wants a pet like a cat or a dog he also lets slip that a boy in Jake's year is selling skunk, not knowing what he meant thinking the animal. However, Pete and Sue recognize it as really strong dope. As Ben says Oliver is selling it they suspect Jake's friend Oliver. Sue confrots Jake and gets angry and starts to say "It's not the same Oliver". Sue finds out that the only other Oliver in the same year is called Oliver Golding. Karen says she wants to be a Catholic just because her "friend" Tanya was going to become Catholic to go the a better secondary school.

Jake is not happy that he has to look after Karen, he was only doing because he could go out if he looked after her. When Ben, Pete and Sue arrive they want Ben to sit in all the teachers do not want him to sit in