The Quiet Night In
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date Mon 3rd September 2007
Written by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

Directed by Guy Jenkin

Andy Hamilton

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The City Farm
The Mystery Illness

Pete and Sue want a night to themselves, but delays constantly arise.

Pete watches Ben playing football and Ben insists he is the best player in the school team. He also has been telling lies to all of his friends, only for the parents to find out and confront Pete about his SAS training, how he is friends with Gordon Brown and his brave Cancer battle.

Karen has a friend, Alexa, round whose mother Jane is very late picking her up and then stays for a drink. Angela then turns up and asks for the spare keys to their father's house. Jake's form tutor rings and speaks to Pete about bullying.

Guest starring Hattie Morahan (Jane).